Japanese simplicity at Grand Midori

The timeless simplicity of Japanese weave will highlight the unique living experience at the soon-to-rise Grand Midori Ortigas, the latest development of Federal Land. The versatile weave concept will be brought to life by Tange and Associates, the Japanese architecture firm responsible for Tokyo Olympics structures like the Yoyogi National Stadium in 1964 and the

Acclaimed architect Paul Tange on the problem faced in his industry, and a tour of his recent project in the Philippines

There is great uncertainty even in architecture A NEW LEGEND IS BORN Paul Tange, chairman and principal architect of Tange Associates “The pandemic has changed our environment, the way we work, and live. It negated everything. Our lifestyle altered,” stressed the chairman of Tange Associates Paul Noritaka Tange, in our tête–à–tête a couple of hours

The appeal of Japanese architecture

Japanese rock garden The layout is influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy, which is conducive for relaxing the mind. PHOTO SOURCE: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS IN the purview of architecture and even interior design, each culture has its own unique way of designing structures, which is a reflection of its identity. If there is one culture whose architectural

Zen and sensibility

Architect Paul Noritaka Tange talks about the notable projects of his firm, Tange Associates and their collaboration with Federal Land The Japanese are known to be sensible, simple and minimalist. These characteristics are epitomized in their famous Zen philosophy which also promotes relaxation ways to cope with the rigors of daily living. No wonder many

Renowned Japanese architect Paul Noritaka Tange praises PH talents

Paul Noritaka Tange is the chairman and principal architect of Japan’s Tange Associates. MANILA — Renowned Japanese architect Paul Noritaka Tange publicly acknowledged the talents of Filipino architects and students, saying in jest that he needs to make sure he is always “creative enough” to compete with them. The chairman and principal architect of Tange

Unlocking the key (elements) to Japanese architecture

Artist’s Perspective of The Grand Midori Ortigas From sleek, minimalist design to efficient construction methods, Japanese architecture is effortlessly elegant, varied yet functional. It’s no wonder why architects from around the globe yearn to learn and master the techniques used by their Japanese counterparts. But what is it that makes Japanese architecture — and homes