People, places, spaces and the design they need

Artist’s perspective of The Grand Midori Ortigas Zen Garden

There’s no telling what the future holds and the pandemic is an even greater reminder of how unpredictable life really is.

We all have to keep on learning how to adapt to whatever life brings.

The same goes for designing buildings.

What may be a relevant building design for people today may not fit the needs of tomorrow.

With this reality coupled with the changes brought by the pandemic, architects now more than ever need to think out of the box, says renowned Japanese architect Paul Noritaka Tange.

“I think we just have to think out of the box,” Tange said during a virtual design talk organized by Federal Land Inc., the property developer of the Ty Group.

Tange is the chairman of Tange Associates, a world-renowned Tokyo-based Japanese architectural firm founded by 1987 Pritzker Laureate Kenzo Tange.

The firm is known for combining traditional Japanese artistry with modern perspectives. Their notable projects include the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and the Yoyogi Gymnasium.


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